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An electrician’s licence, also known as an ‘A Grade’ entitles the licence holder to carry out all types of electrical installation work in Victoria without supervision.

One of the criteria to obtain an 'A' Grade Electrician's Licence is passing the Licenced Electrician's Assessment (LEA).

The LEA is a series of three assessments all electrical workers must pass to be granted an electricians licence to work in Victoria. The three assessments are the Licensed Electricians Theory (LET), the Licensed Electricians Practice (LEP) and the Safe Working Practice (SWP).

For More information on the LEA see our information guide or the Energy Safe Victoria website (link opens in new tab).


  • If you are looking for tutoring to assist in getting your 'A' Grade, then see below our LEA course guide, see below our training options to prepare for each assessment.
  • If you hold a 'A' Grade Licence and require Refresher Training, see below.
  • If you are looking to teach future electricians, and require teacher's training, see below.

LEA Tutorials: What is the Best SWP, LET, LEP Course for Me?

If your past LET or LEP exam results are close to the 75% pass mark, for example 68%, 70% or 72%, you may need up to 6, two hour sessions, to allow you to be successful at your LEA exams (Pay-as-you-go Tuition).

However, if your results are poor, for example 65%, or less, you will need to do the LET or LEP Essential Training Skills Program. This way you get a heavily discounted price on your LET or LEP tutorials. The saving to you, is 55%, on the Pay-as-you-go Tuition. Well worth the investment, with a guaranteed PASS on your exam. See Terms and Conditions.

Classes are held in small groups, approx. 5 students, however you always get individual attention, to make you successful in your Licensing Exams. We train 9am to 8pm on Monday to Friday. And starting from 9am on Saturday. Contact us if you require tutorials on Sunday(s). Bookings are essential.

We have LET and LEP 'Essential Skills Training Programs' which are designed to teach you all that you need to know to pass your exams and be to safe at work. Attend everyday from Monday to Friday, up to 15 x 4 hour sessions, over 3 weeks. Short on time? Complete this program in 7 days. See flyers for further information & terms and conditions.

SWP Tutorials are offered as one-on-one only. We recomend that you attend at least 2, 2 hrs sessions.

Please check our course pages to check that you have all the required materials for your session.


Information Brochures


DOWNLOAD - LEA Information Guide (same as image above)
DOWNLOAD - LEA Refresher Training Brochure (same as image above)
DOWNLOAD - LEA Teacher Training Brochure (same as image above)


Fill in our enrolment form or telephone us to discuss your training and make a booking.
Payments methods are direct debit, cash, PayPal or company cheque.