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Licenced Electrician's Assessment  >  Licensed Electricians Theory  |  Licensed Electricians Practice  |  Safe Working Practice  |  LET / LEP > ESTP

A tutorial course providing coaching skills and knowledge required to sit the Safe Working Practice for Electrician Assessment (SWP). This course provides an understanding of safe work, organisation and performance on electrical equipment and provides practical experience in testing, disconnection and reconnection of electrical equipment.


To be eligible to sit the individual components of the Licensed Electrical Assessment, the following prerequisites are required:

  • Signed Authorisation form from a Registered Training Organisation; or
  • Electrician's Supervised (ES Class) licence; or
  • 'L' licence from candidates who have held an ES Class licence previously; or
  • Electrician's (E Class) licence. This is required for REC Technical Assessment; or
  • Trades Recognition Certificate (for an Electrician) issued by Trades Recognition Australia; or
  • Letter from ESV indicating eligibility to sit for the licensing assessment.

One on One Tutoring

Minimum 2 hour session
Recomended minimum 2 sessions


Please contact TTA for bookings.
We train every day of the year, except for public holidays.


All materials available for purchase from TTA

  • Analogue Insulation Resistance & Continuity Tester (IR Tester) + spare batteries
  • Low voltage insulating gloves, rated at 650 V (Stamped with Australian Standard)
  • Goat Skin outer gloves with non-conductive stitching
  • Protective clothing as per AS/NZS4836: long sleeve shirt; long trousers; leather boots