Restricted Electrical License (REL) Tutoring

The Restricted Electrical Licence (REL), previously known as 'D Licence', entitles the licence holder to carry out low-voltage disconnection / reconnection work in Victoria without supervision.

There are 2 classes of REL:

  • Restricted Electrical Licence Class 1 (Allows: Disconnect / Reconnect and Fault Finding)
  • Restricted Electrical Licence Class 2 (Allows: Disconnect / Reconnect)

TTA offers tutoring for those preparing to sit their REL Class 1 or 2 assessments

Students are taught the knowledge required to pass the REL assessments. This includes an understanding of disconnection and reconnection of electrical equipment (Class 1 and 2) as well as fault finding (Class 1). TTA students practice with real electrical equipment (HVAC systems, water heaters, motors, etc.), tailored to their field of work.


Students must be eligible to sit their REL assessment. E.g must have already successfully completed the Restricted Electrical Worker’s licence course with a Registered Training Organisation.

See the Energy Safe Victoria website for the most up-to-date list of prerequisites.


All materials available from TTA


  • Kyoritsu Analogue Insulation Resistance & Continuity Tester 3132A model (IR Tester) + 6 spare batteries
  • Low voltage insulating gloves, rated at 650V (Stamped with Australian Standard)
  • Goat Skin outer gloves with non-conductive stitching

Clothing and PPE

All students are required to wear the following PPE:

  • Protective clothing as per AS/NZS 4836 (long sleeve shirt; long trousers; leather boots)

Session Dates & Times


Start your training or course at any time.

We train almost every day of the year.

Please contact us for bookings.


We run 3 sessions a day. Some classes offered only in particular sessions.

Session Times:

(M) Morning:9am-12pm
(A) Afternoon:1pm-4pm
(E) Evening:4pm-7pm

Tutoring / Training Options

Pay-As-You-Go Tuition

REL Class 2

Session Length: 2hours
Class Size (typ.): 1students / instructor
Availability: M/A


Our Courses are structured to ensure that all relevant content is thoroughly covered.

They are discounted versus pay-as-you-go tuition.

REL Class 1

Course Duration:10sessions
Session Length: 2hours
Standard Pace: 1sessions / week
Class Size (typ.): 1-2students / instructor
Availability: M/A

REL Class 2

Course Duration:4sessions
Session Length: 2hours
Standard Pace: 1sessions / week
Class Size (typ.): 1students / instructor
Availability: M/A