Reading Electrical Drawings Course

The reading electrical drawings course is a hand's course dedicated to training electricians in reading electrical drawings as a means of fault finding.

This course is suitable for all electrical workers.

Being able to read any electrical drawing is a key factor to a successful electrical career. Electrical drawings come in many different forms, and are used in many different ways. This literary skill is essential for communication between the designer of electrical equipment and the installer. Understanding the intent of the designer allows for successful installation of electrical equipment. It is also a key requirement of fault finding techniques.

TTA students learn electrical drawings by doing: first by evaluating a given task, then by creating electrical drawings to complete the task, and then physically wiring the circuit. There isn't better way to learn this than by real hands on experience!


Each session will be focused on a different circuit and will progress as follows:

  • Students will learn the theory relevant to the circuit
  • Then students draw the circuit
  • Then students implement the circuit on real equipment
  • Then students test that the circuit operates as designed
  • The trainer will then create a fault in the circuit
  • The student must then find the fault and repair the circuit


On successful completion of of this course, students will be able to:

Understand electrical drawing conventions e.g.

  • Single line diagrams
  • Phase diagrams
  • Timing diagrams
  • Electrical schematics
  • Wiring diagrams

Diagnose control and power circuits e.g.

  • Hoists
  • Star-delta motor starting programs
  • Switchboard control circuits

Fault find multi-voltage circuits e.g.

  • Air conditioning control circuits


There are no prerequisites for this subject.

You do not need to be an 'A Grade' electrician.


All materials available from TTA


  • Mathomat
  • Drawing compass
  • Set square
  • Casio fx-82AU PLUS II calculator
  • A4 38mm 3-ring binder folder with plastic sleeves
  • 4 colour pen, grey lead pencils, 12pk coloured pencils, eraser, correction tape, and a 15cm transparent ruler.

Clothing and PPE

All students are required to wear the following PPE:

  • Closed shoes

Session Dates & Times


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We train almost every day of the year.

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This course is only offered on Monday Evenings (4:00pm to 7:00pm)

Tutoring / Training Options

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Course Duration:40sessions
Session Length: 3hours
Standard Pace: 1sessions / week
Class Size (typ.): 6students / instructor