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Technical Training Australia is a dedicated Electrical Licensing School. We prepare electrical apprentices and electricians for their licensing exams. We also provide specialised continuous professional development (CPD) training for 'A Grade' electricians and Class G licensed electrical inspectors.

We provide personalised electrical training for electrical workers of all backgrounds and skill-sets. We offer free consultations, where we tailor training plans to suit the individual needs of our students.

TTA students are competent, educated and highly sought after electrical workers. Our experience in the Electrical Industry and in electrical training provides our students with access to specialised knowledge that gives them the edge over their competition. We motivate our students to become above-average specialists in their field.

Our tutoring is focuses on teaching understanding of the basic concepts, backed up with practical, relevant and hands-on experience.

Class A - Licenced Electrician's Assessment (LEA) Tutoring

An Electrician's Licence, also known as an 'A Grade' licence entitles the licence holder to carry out all types of electrical installation work in Victoria without supervision.

Licensed Electrician's Assessment (LEA) is the group of 3 exams that must be passed as a requirement to being granted an 'A Grade' Electrician's Licence by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). For More information on the LEA see the ESV website.

TTA offers tutoring for those preparing to sit their LEA exams.

See our LEA overview page for further details.

Tutoring for Each Assessment

Continuous Professional Development Courses

TTA offers professional development courses for electricians who wish to become specialists in their field.

See our CPD overview page for further details.

Melbourne Motor School

The Melbourne Motor School is a hand's on workshop dedicated to training electricians in commissioning electric motors.

This course is suitable for electricians who work on (or aim to work on) industrial installations.

See our course page for further details.

Reading Electrical Drawings Course

The reading electrical drawings course is a hand's course dedicated to training electricians in reading electrical drawings as a means of fault finding.

This course is suitable for all electrical workers.

See our course page for further details.

G Class Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI) Training

The Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI) assessment is for seasoned electricians who are looking to become Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Electrical Inspectors.

TTA offers training for those preparing to sit their Class G assessments.

Students will train in the three components assessed in the LEI assessments:

  • Class G Theory
  • Class G Practical
  • Safe Approach

See our LEI page for further details.

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Tutoring

This tutoring relates to electrical workers with overseas qualifications (issued outside of Australia or New Zealand), who aim to perform electrical work in Victoria.

The Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) skills assessments are for recognition of prior learning. Passing these assessments is a requirement of obtaining a Victorian Electrician's Licence.

TTA offers tutoring for those preparing to sit their TRA skills assessments as a General Class Electrician.

See our TRA page for further details.

Apprentice Tutoring

We tutor in all Certificate 3 Electrotechnology subjects.

See our Apprentice Tutoring page for further details.