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MOT4101 - Electric Motor Understanding

Melbourne Motor School  >  Electric Motor Understanding  |  Electric Motor Starting  |  Variable Speed Drives


Melbourne Motor School

Organisational Unit

Technical Training Australia

Chief Examiner(s)

Andrew Wilson
Andrè Fourie


Clayton Campus
2 / 14-26 Audsley Street, Clayton South 3169

Course dates
Course dates available upon request


This unit provides the foundational knowledge for 3 phase induction motor understanding. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of electric motor construction, motor speeds, and the ability to dismantle and assemble a 3 phase squirrel cage motor.

At the completion of the unit, students will develop skills in electric motor construction, design and the circuit analysis for a rotating magnetic field.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • Motor construction and design
  • Understanding rotating magnetic fields
  • Construction and design of motor starter poles and speeds
  • Connection of multi-voltage motors
  • Understanding of international motor voltages
  • Motor direction reversing
  • Completing motor testing and commissioning data


On successful completion of this unit, student will be able to:

  • Dismantle and reassemble a 3 phase electric motor
  • Connect a 3 phase motor in 415 V stud connection
  • Connect a 3 phase motor in 220 V star & 415 V delta
  • Test an electric motor for its correct performance requirements
  • Document and commission a 3 phase motor, at rest, and under load conditions


Continuous assessment: 60%
Written examination (2 hours): 40%

Students must achieve at least 75% of the total marks in the continuous assessment component, and at least 75% of the total marks in the written examination, to pass this unit of study.

Workload Requirement

Twelve 4-hour sessions.
6 hours private study per week.


Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology, or equivalent.
ENG1002, ENG1005 or equivalent.
Must be a qualified 'A' Grade Electrician, or be trained under the direct supervision of an 'A' Grade Electrician, to participate in this course of study.

Further Studies

Successfully completing this unit provides the prerequisite knowledge required to attempt the following units:
MOT4102 - Electric Motor Starting

See our course guide for more information.

Personal Protective Equipment

All students are required to wear the following while on campus

  • Safety glasses
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Leather safety boots