Training for the Electrical Industry

Technical Training Australia

Technical Training Australia is a dedicated Electrical Licensing School. We prepare electrical apprentices and electricians for their licensing exams (including LEA, Class G, TRA, REL). We also provide specialised continuous professional development (CPD) training for 'A Grade' electricians and licensed inspectors.

Our training is suitable for electrical workers who have special needs, have learning disabilities, are overseas qualified, or are licensed electricians re-entering the trade after a period of absence.

Our programs are practical and hands-on to ensure thorough training and exposure in the area of electrical installation testing and compliance. We are responsive to the individual's and employer's specific needs providing customised training and integrating this training into their business. These options are inclusive of on and off job models, in a classroom or at your workplace. Our trainers are highly qualified specialists in their field.

Services Summary

We provide licensing training in the following areas:

  • LEA: 'A Grade' licensed electrical assessments
  • LEI: Licensed electrical inspector assessments
  • 'A Grade' licence renewal - electrical installation testing
  • TRA: Trades Recognition Australia assessments (for overseas electricians)
  • REL: Restricted Electrical Licence assessments

Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses include:

  • Commissioning electric motors
  • Reading Electrical Drawings Course

We also provide TAFE subject (electrotechnology apprentice) tutoring, electrical worker mentoring, and administration support.